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exactly as it were. besides in the meantime as it were today a maxim tomorrow another day in other words we have fun in the balance it hangs in between surfaces landing yesteryear vocabulary in a mixture of remedies an d the undescor

Collecting fragments of experiences in a box every so often I take an experience out of the box and let it be free to mingle with the other experiences that happen to be lying around…

With the wind as it were changing the scenery yesterday was great with all the jiving roles in social creatures of today miscreant, rebel, acrimonious interloper moving with the dark night ebbs interchangeable, adept, and with situational

Mirrors (from Red Rocks) by The Disco Biscuits on Grooveshark Treading on sanctity venture forwards into voids chasms and layers meander with the energy travel through the dark light here in the view we wait for singles moments tonigh

Quilt Photoshop Art The Ones In Your Dreams by Donavon Frankenreiter on Grooveshark kaleidescopic vaccum in space we collect fragments of experiences and keep them in a box it had to happen somehow take a few things out of the box i